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Two Curacao healers among plants

Dinah Veeris, founder of Den Paradera, is working to save not only Curaçao's traditional plants, but also the medical knowledge and arts these plants have inspired.

Besides speaking English, Dutch, and Spanish, Dinah also uses her local language, papiamento. Papiamento is spoken throughout this region in the islands called the Netherlands Antilles. She often sings old traditional songs that she learned from Curaçao elders. The songs refer to wild plants, the harvest, and Owazeo, the god of nature.

View video: Song about Harvest of Wild Plants.

View video: Song about Creator of Wild Plants.

Dinah with plants
Dinah Veeris, founder of Den Paradera
Dinah with basket of plants
Dinah Veeris with basketball of plants

Translated Lyrics

Song about the Harvest of Wild Plants

I am thankful today.
I am so thankful.
I am so thankful.

Song about the Creator of Wild Plants

I greet you, old land.
I greet you.
OWAZEO (the god of nature)
I greet you, my friends, the plants.
I greet you.

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